Dr Nicholas Beecroft BSc MBBS MRCPsych MBA RCDS


I’m a psychiatrist helping investors to improve their business analysis, decision-making & investment strategy.

I graduated as a doctor at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Medical School and from University College London with a BSc. in Psychology. I gained Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists at the Maudsley and Bethlem Royal Hospitals. I have an MBA from London Business School. I am the Founder of the Future of Western Civilization Project, Military Psychiatrist and Member of the Royal College of Defence Studies. I am the author of ‘Analyze West’ and the ‘New Magna Carta.’

I have worked with Ministers, politicians, Chief Executives, directors, diplomats, military officers, entrepreneurs, investors, journalists, doctors and thought leaders.

My experience includes McKinsey & Co, Royal Navy, British Army, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, German Foreign Ministry, British Council, National Health Service, Ministry of Defence, Johannesburg City Council, Marks & Spencer, Cable & Wireless, BP, BAA, Channel 4, BBC, Home Office, Department for International Development, Conservative Party and Wilton Park.

My approach is tailored to you. My style is integrated and eclectic. I have a vast breadth of experience from which I select what is right for you.

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Investment Instinct

I’m a psychiatrist helping investors to improve their business analysis, decision-making & investment strategy.


I am a Military Psychiatrist working with the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force. I practice psychiatry in a highly eclectic and holistic way. I am experienced in many psychotherapy approaches including cognitive, behavioural, psychoanalytic, person-centred, group analytic, systemic, therapeutic community, family therapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing and motivational interviewing.

Transformational Coaching

I use a wide variety of techniques for transformational coaching including psychological analysis, listening, incisive questioning, logic, philosophy, intuition, energetics, voice dialogue, true purpose discovery process, values assessment, appreciative inquiry, facilitated groups, mindfulness, mind-body-spirit connection, empowerment from the victim-perpetrator-rescuer dynamic, creative visualisation, future visioning, guided meditation, gut reaction, heart meditation, improvisation, the King’s Speech process, spiritual coaching and Spiral Dynamics, the Master Code of human nature.

Organic Leadership

I have consulted in ‘Organic Leadership,’ aligning strategy and leadership with human nature, to many organisations. I helped to establish the UK’s first Department of Organisational Psychiatry at King’s College, London where I taught postgraduate students.

At McKinsey & Company I assessed and advised on the merger and strategy implementation process in a utility company. I advised McKinsey Directors on consultation process, client engagement & strategy implementation.

In the Ministry of Defence, I pioneered a transformational system of clinical and corporate governance, performance management and continuous learning for Military Mental Health. I called it Authentic Outcome Measures. I led a team to map out the stakeholder network for military mental health and through a series of interviews established the Authentic Outcome Measures by which they actually measure the service. I led the team to distil this down to a performance measurement system which we then piloted and rolled out across the country. Deceptively simple, it is a transformational culture change programme.

I led a team values analysis and facilitation process in DCMH Portsmouth in the Royal Navy. I conducted an appreciative inquiry into Morale, Authority and Leadership. I consulted to an Indian Entrepreneur on business strategy. I completed the Men’s Initiatory Journey and joined the Mankind Project, both experiential leadership courses. I attended a Circle of Trust Courage to Lead Retreat. I trained in Open Space Technology, a cutting edge technique for running a conference by harnessing the self-organising energy of the participants. I conducted a Top Team Dynamics Analysis at Hastings Primary Care Trust. I ran a conflict resolution process in an NHS Trust. I audited Communications at Johannesburg City Council, South Africa. I advised 2 FTSE companies on rationalising their expenditure on consultants. I provided a sounding board to a PLC Chairman on board crisis over succession planning. I facilitated an organisational development process in a Medical Practice.

Psychology of Security & International Relations

I established Psyplomacy, a global network of experts in the psychology of international relations and foreign policy. My work on the psychological dimension of international relations and conflict has included advising British Foreign Ministers on the psychology of foreign policy and influence. I worked with the British Embassy in Damascus to provide a psychological

analysis and strategy to improve relations between Britain and Syria. I advised the International Development Minister on a strategy to shift from a victim-rescuer model of development to one based on empowerment and collaboration.

I influenced the British Council to change policy from a marketing model of public diplomacy to one grounded in identity, values and relationships which was launched in a new policy document at the Royal Society of Arts. I contributed to Lord Carter’s review of British Public Diplomacy. At the request of the German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, I advised the German Embassy in London on a strategy to deal with what they considered to be hostile coverage in the British media.

I gave evidence to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee on psychological counterterrorism strategy. I was commissioned by Lord Corbett to write a report for the Home Office Minister on the need for a constructive debate on Britishness and Immigration. I have been a member of the UK Defence Academy Advanced Research and Assessment Groups on Media, Military & Foreign Policy and Engaging the Islamic World. I advised the Conservative Party on British-Russian relations and soft power.

I facilitated track-two diplomacy between diplomats from NATO, China and Asian powers on security, nuclear proliferation and space weaponisation. I have participated in track-two diplomacy on immigration, state-building, public diplomacy, peace building, Islamic radicalisation and counter-terrorism. I presented to the British-German Forum on the psychology of the relationship between Britain, Germany and the USA. I facilitated workshop on the Psychology of Co-operation, Identity, Alliances and Leadership relevant to the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy.

Future of Western Civilization Project

I founded the Future of Western Civilization Project whose mission is to defend and rejuvenate Western Civilization as the thriving, self-confident, secure central pillar of our emerging global civilisation. The aim is to maximise human potential, security, cohesion, integration and attract others to be our friends and allies. I analysed the group mind of the Western World exploring its strengths and also the core pathologies driving its loss of self-confidence and direction. For the Future of Western Civilisation Series, I interviewed 30 visionaries to set out their positive vision for the future and then cross-examined them on the practicalities of implementing them. I created an active global network through social media and personal contact to share and contribute to the project. The interviews are available as paperbacks, ebooks, video and audio.

‘Analyze West’

Imagine Western Civilization embodied in a character called West. On the brink of suicide, West presents himself to maverick psychiatrist Dr James Hill. West has lost his self-confidence and direction. He’s torn apart by inner conflict, self-loathing and fear of the future. Is he on the cusp of a new age of enlightened global consciousness or on the brink of collapse into world of religious extremism, global warming, terrorism, interracial conflict and domination by China?

James leads West through a process of analysis, therapy and transformation, covering the major challenges facing Western Civilization including immigration, sex, the economy, family, energy, sustainability, security, meaning, power, fairness, demographics, authority, healthcare and democracy.

James introduces West to the eight major value systems. He invites each of them to speak their mind in a process of integration. West undergoes therapy for his guilt, shame and loss on the subjects of race, identity, immigration, patriotism and security. James challenges him to overcome victim mentality and to unlock his full potential.

‘New Magna Carta’

The New Magna Carta is my proposal for a positive vision for the future, a statement of the West’s cultural DNA and an assertion of the rules of the West. It’s an upgrade for our operating system, our inner compass and map for the challenges we face in the 21st Century.

Royal College of Defence Studies

The RCDS course prepares selected senior officials from the UK and more than 50
other countries for senior and influential appointments and developing their ability to formulate strategy. The course is conducted at postgraduate level, comprising lectures, seminars, study visits and strategy exercises. We met senior politicians, military, diplomats, journalists, academics and business leaders from across the world to discuss contemporary challenges. We visited NATO, the EU, US Congress, Boeing, the UN, World Bank and IMF. On our tour of the Middle East, King Abdullah of Jordan briefed us on his counterterrorism and anti-Daesh strategy. We visited the Jordanian-Syrian border force and were briefed by the Jordanian Crown Prince and Chief of Defence Staff. In Saudi Arabia we met members of the Royal Family, the Chief of Defence Staff and many institutions with a focus on geopolitics, internal stability and counterterrorism. In Israel, we visited the border forces at the Golan Heights, the Lebanese border, Gaza border and were briefed by senior politicians. In the West Bank we met the heads of police and security force as well as allied military supporting capacity building.

I ran experiential group psychology workshops on the subjects of counterterrorism, defending democracy and integrating French Muslims just after a Paris terrorist attack and on maintaining freedom of navigation and international law in the South China Sea. I delivered a seminar for the Israeli National Defence College about value systems, victim mentality and empowerment as applied to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. I lectured on: ‘The Master Code of Human Nature applied to international relations.’ I worked with a team to assess whether Chinese foreign policy would be likely to live up to its ‘peaceful rise’ narrative or seek to become a regional or global hegemon.