Decision facilitation service

Dr Beecroft runs a unique decision-making facilitation service. You will experience:

  • an objective, challenging, rigorous, supportive and confidential space to thoroughly examine decisions and strategies
  • clarification of the options, the scenarios, potential outcomes, future visions
  • constructive challenge with empowering incisive questions
  • deep listening, observations and feedback
  • a rigorous intellectual, scientific, logical analysis, cross-examination, testing hypotheses, business plans, strategies, proposals and arguments
  • identifying and challenging assumptions, biases, doubts, groupthink etc.
  • simplifying complexity, seeing the big picture; assessing the current reality & your role in it
  • generating and testing new ideas, opportunities & options
  • formulating, testing and implementing strategies
  • fine tuning your inner compass integrating purpose, mission, values, interests, needs, goals, red-lines, logic, reason, science, intuition, gut instinct, heart intelligence, energetics, mindfulness, emotional, social, spiritual and somatic intelligence to make judgements
  • facilitating your inner dialogue and integration of the many competing inner voices
  • facilitating the group dynamics and politics of group decision-making
  • getting from doubts, ambivalence, uncertainly, procrastination to clarity
  • optimising your decision options analysis with an improved set of criteria, questions, measurements, analysis, decision process and due diligence checklist
  • synergising your qualitative and quantitative methodologies
  • hands on visits as part of your team to assess businesses, interview CEOs, CFOs etc
  • managing confidence, fear, anxiety, blame, peer pressure, politics etc
  • see things from the perspective of customers, investors, stakeholders, other players

Previous clients have asked:

  • Shall I invest/disinvest from this company?
  • Am I ready to seek investors for my hedge fund?
  • Shall I take this opportunity?
  • Should I trust my gut instinct on this company?
  • Personal & career decisions

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