“Nicholas is a big picture second renaissance thinker who is also a delightful human being who cares deeply about the future of our species. His series on the Future of Western Civilization is a deeply thoughtful exploration of the possibilities that await us if we can but transcend our old thinking habits and see the world through new, more integral lenses and with courageous hearts.”

Robin Wood, Founder and President, Renaissance2

“Nicholas is fantastic. He is highly focused, intelligent and wonderful to work with. If you are in anyway attracted to his work, trust your instincts and jump right in and be ready for a wonderful experience. I really cannot recommend him too highly.”

Jane MacAllister Dukes, Co-Founder, The Evolutionary Network

“Nicholas Beecroft is a Renaissance man – impressively multi-talented. Whether it’s for advice on a psychiatric condition, personal development, philosophy, politics, or management he is the go to man in my book. He also presents and coaches brilliantly. Nicholas is tremendously empathetic, gently humorous, and endlessly caring.”

Peter Ford, Former British Ambassador to Syria and Bahrain

“Nicholas is one of the world’s most creative, inspiring and energising people. He constantly pushes into new territory and generates new ways of thinking and being. He is a delight to work with and ensures goals are met through exciting and innovative processes. I recommend him and his work highly.”

Lynne Sedgmore, Executive Director, 157 Group

“NIcholas is the kind of leader I now deeply admire. The quality of his thinking is shown in his questions – really fundamental questions about the nature of reality, how we can support positive change, and encouraging processes like appreciative inquiry to create a positive and optimistic view of what is possible.”

Dr Robin Youngson, Founder, Hearts in Healthcare

“Nicholas is a very interesting man who is unafraid to push the boundaries of thought and link diverse areas in his work. He has a strong commitment to change through ideas, and a strong grasp of the latest thinking, which he links to practice in a unique manner.”

Nigel Nicholson, Professor of Organisational Behaviour, London Business School,

“Nick is a hugely intelligent, engaging and capable individual with a rare talent for analysis – of both people and problems. A deep thinker by nature, Nick is an unusual manifestation of academic ability fused with entrepreneurial zeal. It is my pleasure to count Nick as a friend for over twenty years.”

Neil Doncaster, Chief Executive, Chief Executive of the Scottish Professional Football League

“Nick is one of those people for whom making a difference in society is more important than simply making money. He sees the world as one in which, as soon as he recognises other people that have a passion for making a difference also he immediately looks at ways in which he can provide support without any concern for his own financial remuneration. He is fun to be with, interesting to converse with and is someone with a very high level of integrity. I would unhesitatingly recommend Nick as an ideal person to do business with or invite to a party.”

Peter Smith, CEO, Caring for Care Homes Ltd.

“Nick brings an unusual breadth of knowledge and interest to whatever he engages with. His Future of Western Civilisation is a bold, superb and open ended attempt to address the really big issues from multiple perspectives. And in these ever more complex times, we need such people if we are going to find solutions; we need generalists more than ever; we need people who are willing to question the received values of modernism and postmodernism. Nick is one such person and I very much value my association with him and his work”

Chris Parish, Managing Director, EnlightenNext

“Nicholas is a great analytical thinker with a quick mind and excellent communication skills. He has unconventional ways to analyse problems and come with solutions. Since business in the corporate world is becoming more challenging, we need people like Nicholas who are able to analyse, structure and direct different strategies that will take us to innovative ways to expand the existing business whilst we understand new cultures in order to penetrate those emerging markets.

Since I met Nicholas 10 years ago, he has got an incredible success working for a top consultancy firm. I think in the next few years, we will see a higher demand for Nicholas’ skills in the business world in order to continue growth within the European Western countries.

I highly recommend Nicholas to set up business strategies, ability to communicate complex matters into simple objectives, integration of different cultures within a global organisation, political advisory and business consultancy.”

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Noelia Rodriguez European & Middle East Director, Industrial Division, Cummins Ltd.

“I was honoured to meet and get to know Nicholas when we met at the House of Commons. Nicholas is a well rounded, grounded and eclectic human being who sees life and the world both vertically and horizontally. His vast travel experiences and working with different people of different views in different settings is a fundamental virtue that he portrays well when he engages with others. I admired his sense of awareness of who he is, where he comes from, where he is now and his quest for the fundamentals of common sense, basic rules grounded in the core values of basic human morals love and respect of others without undermining the basics that are common to all.”

William Masembe Nkata, Director/Mental Health Practitioner

“Nick is a highly intelligent, deep-thinking and resourceful individual who brings considerable energy to his endeavours. He has the kind of integrity which involves taking strong points of view while being open-minded and thus willing to modify them in the light of new information. Nick’s history and title as “consultant psychiatrist” does not do justice to the breadth of his thinking or to his potential which extends well beyond that frame into areas of deeper societal and organisational contribution.”

Jon Freeman, Director, Centre for Human Emergence UK

“Nick has an ability to open your eyes to new and exciting things, with a natural ability to make you think, question and learn without realising that’s what he is doing. He is a kind and giving man who has a powerful way of interacting and who I am proud to call a friend.”

Michelle Head, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

“Before I met Nick I was somewhat apprehensive and in awe of his CV. When I met him, I realised there was nothing to worry about, he gets on with people. Nick sees the big picture, the very big picture, and he makes things happen. He is comfortable working at any level, from on his own and small groups right through to working with governments. That CV is for real.”

Jon Twigge UK Centre for Human Emergence

“Thanks for your great support and focus on how to take forward my business.  We were only a few minutes into the session before I felt certain that the conversation with Nicholas was exactly what I needed. His style is friendly, supportive and understanding, and very focused on guiding the session in a positive direction at all times. When my energy was blocked and I was finding it hard to find the right words, Nicholas was able to help me and was excellent at drawing out my insight it to actionable steps.”

Fiona Savage, Edinburgh

“Nicholas has an innovative approach to combine foreign policy, diplomacy, and psychology in a groundbreaking way. His efforts to bridge British-Syrian relations through “couples therapy” are fascinating, and deserving of far more attention by scholars and analysts in those fields. He is truly a pioneer in this crossover discipline and the techniques he has developed should be explored in much more in-depth experimentation. I would highly recommend him and his methods for an outside-the-box approach to foreign policy troubleshooting.”

George Ajjan, Ajjan Associates, Former Candidate for US Congress

“Nicholas Beecroft opened my eyes to many psychological aspects of post-conflict societies and how to evaluate their impact.

Nadim Shehadi, Associate Fellow, Chatham House, The Royal Institute of International Affairs

“Nick is an amazing man with a vision of the Future of Western Civilisation. He’s authentic, integral and brilliant. It’s a privilege to know him and to share global visions with him.”

Soleira Green, Director / co-founder, The Visionary Network

“Nick’s idea of hosting a multiplicity of conversations about the future of our civilisation and its values is a brilliant one. What is worth preserving and developing in our historic values? What is holding us back from spiritual development? How can we move on from relativism and conflict with other cultures? These are intimidatingly large and contentious questions that rarely get covered in the traditional media. But the way Nick pulls together so many different types of people to search for practical answers is both brave and skilful.”

Matthew McGuinness, Zinc Trumpet Limited

“Nicholas continues to provide opportunities to tap into the freshest thinking of individuals from around the world about our lives together on this planet. Tuning into his interviews is like a preview of Great Books of the 21st Century.”

Russ Volckmann, CEO, Integral Publishers

“Nicholas Beecroft brings together new ideas and innovative thinkers from disparate fields and backgrounds, by means of his website, his interviews, and his wide-ranging social media presence and his own powerful integrative thinking and writing.

Mary Gentile PhD, Director, Giving Voice To Values, Babson College

“Nicholas has proven excellent at making accessible to a wide audience the thoughts and output of a wide range of today’s leaders. Leaders in thought, action, and especially way of being. This brings hope and direction, sorely needed in turbulent times.”

Graham Boyd, Director, TetraLD

“Nicholas Beecroft is indeed doing the Future a great service in making the world´s change agents more visible through his in-depth media interviews, which he conducts with great skill and good humour.”

Elisabet Sahtouris, Independent Professional, Living Systems Design

Want to know what the future holds for Western Civilization?  Look no further. This series of interviews provides the answers. This is one of the most important times in the history of evolution. We are on the edge of a new way of being. Cosmic evolution gave way to biological evolution which gave way to cultural evolution. Now we are witnessing cultural evolution giving way to personal evolution–exciting times for everyone.

Richard Barrett, Founder, Barrett Values Centre

“Nicholas has shown the intellectual honesty to face the obvious big questions that we’ve been holding in denial … ‘Is Western Civilization viable?’ … if not, ‘What’s next?’ … and ‘How do we transition to the new society where everyone thrives?’ Surprisingly, the effect of this conversation is empowering and positive.”

Jim Rough, Founder & President, Dynamic Facilitation Associates

“Nicholas is an extremely good interviewer. The quality of the interview depends just as much on who is interviewing you.  Nicholas brought out a deeper clarity in me.  I felt I said some things I’d never said before because of the skill with which he was able to help me discover deeper depths of my work. I continue to send out the link to the interview over and over again.”

Martin Rutte Founder Project Heaven on Earth, Co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work

“I am grateful for Nick’s persistence in cataloguing the practical visions of a wide range of thought leaders, each of whom has been working, often away from the spotlight, to popularised ideas and strategies that may, when taken together, serve as an important map for navigating these uncertain times successfully. His skill is at asking the right questions — ones that address causes rather than just effects — listening beneath the words, then making connections to illustrate the pattern of an emergent social architecture, rooted in heart intelligence. May his work of drawing attention to the wisest new strategies open the minds and soften the hearts of those in positions of responsibility.”

Joseph McCormick, Co-founder, Reuniting America

“With charm and with energy, Nicholas has embarked on a vast project–to assemble and curate deep insights into the future of our civilization–which is now beginning to bear wonderful fruit. It’s not a place you come to for a quick second while multitasking; you come their to focus, think, and absorb.”

Neil Howe, Founder and CEO, LifeCourse Associates

“It’s quite a book — really an extraordinary intellectual achievement.  It takes time to read… just cannot race through it.  And, as I’ve discovered, it’s a mistake to open the book when I’m tired.  It requires enormous concentration.  (That’s a compliment.)”

Herb Meyer, USA served during the Reagan Administration as Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence and Vice Chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council.

“Many years ago, Professor Clare Graves told the world that humanity was preparing for a momentous leap. In this rich and timely book, Dr. Beecroft’s treatment of West has left no doubt in my mind that the momentous leap is upon us. This whole systems approach to understanding who we are as humans is the only way for us to move forward in a world that is increasingly becoming a global family with a diverse and rich tapestry of inclusion. Thank you Dr. Beecroft.”

Said Dawlabani, President & CEO The MEMEnomics Group

“Beecroft’s latest foray as part of his mission to defend the virtues of Western Civilization couldn’t be more timely, as only a whole systems approach to understanding who we are will help us determine who, and where, we will be. Let’s hope policymakers and purported opinion leaders will not just take a number in the psychiatrist’s intellectual waiting room but rather clamour for emergency treatment. Bravo!”

Martin Edwin Andersen, formerly on the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee

“Dr Beecroft wrote the most extraordinary and original work that I have been introduced to. Often we tend to reify nations and cultures and he has personified western civilization so we could relate to it with more humanity. One review referred to the value system of Clare Graves. I think there was evidence throughout of the research and synthesis that Dr Beecroft had to engage in to produce complexity in a way that we can navigate through it. I wonder what is next?”

Anne Miller, USA

“This is a highly original work and a terrific read. It will not only inform those interested in the state of the western world, but psychiatrists and psychologists, too. It should certainly be required reading for all politicians, whether in central or local government. We need more free-thinkers like Dr Beecroft.”

B D Shirreff, UK

“Mind-bending analysis of Western Civilization and Uplifting hope for the future. In every regard, the author demonstrates an encyclopaedic knowledge and deep insight into multiple cultures, anxieties and points of view. In doing so, fearlessly he expresses points of view that oft are thought but ne’er so well suppressed.”

Geoffrey Bond, Lawyer, Heritage Consultant, Businessman & Broadcaster, Cyrpus

“Dr. Beecroft has integrated his broad range of academic and practical learning into an ideal roadmap for the healthy emergence of Western civilization. There is certainly room for debate regarding many of the problems, solutions, and ideal visions he offers. He candidly expects and invites this debate, as a means of improving this roadmap. Readers are invited to go to the book’s webpage and make improvements.

Tom Christensen, Real Estate, Artist & Educator, USA