Psychiatrist Dr Nicholas Beecroft proposes a ‘New Magna Carta’ to rejuvenate the West. (800th anniversary of the original)

Dr Beecroft will tell your audience:

  1. It’s make or break time. We have a choice- to allow our suicidal part to take America and the rest of the West down or we can rejuvenate our civilization and thrive more than ever.
  2. Why it is vital to rejuvenate Western Civilization
  3. Each of us carries an inner compass and map of our civilization
  4. A psychological analysis of the Western group mind
  5. We must stop the self-hatred, have gratitude for our successes and build on our strengths.
  6. Upgrade political correctness by suppressing the full diversity of bigots including the racist ‘anti-racist’ bigot, feminist bigot and environmentalist bigot
  7. We must end ALL racism, including anti-white racism and be positively patriotic
  8. Suppress the man-hating feminist bigot- promote healthy, mature masculinity & femininity
  9. Stop arguing about climate change- there are 5 other reasons to get new energy technologies
  10. Control immigration and make a success of it with clear criteria for membership, successful integration. Exclude those who want to undermine freedom, democracy and dominate us.
  11. The psychology of religious extremism and terrorism
  12. How to respond to terrorism and the wars in the Middle East and Africa
  13. How to keep ourselves safe in the West
  14. We need to restore our spiritual core- treat people like human beings
  15. How to harness capitalism to unleash maximum human potential
  16. Why we must have freedom of speech and make it safe for comedians to laugh at religion
  17. How to end the culture war between conservatives & liberals
  18. How we should handle Russia
  19. How victim mentality affects our culture and how we can overcome it
  20. How your listeners can get involved with the New Magna Carta

Questions & Answers