“Nicholas is an extremely good interviewer. He brought out a deeper clarity in me. I said things I’d never said before because of the skill with which he was able to help me discover deeper depths of my work.”

Martin Rutte Founder Project Heaven on Earth, Co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work

“His skill is at asking the right questions — ones that address causes rather than just effects — listening beneath the words, then making connections to illustrate the pattern of an emergent social architecture, rooted in heart intelligence.”

Joseph McCormick, Co-founder, Reuniting America

“Nicholas has an innovative approach to combine foreign policy, diplomacy, and psychology in a groundbreaking way. He is truly a pioneer in this crossover discipline.”

George Ajjan, Former Candidate for US Congress

“Tuning into his interviews is like a preview of Great Books of the 21st Century.”

Russ Volckmann, CEO, Integral Publishers

“Nicholas Beecroft is indeed doing the Future a great service in making the world´s change agents more visible through his in-depth interviews, which he conducts with skill and good humour.”

Elisabet Sahtouris, Living Systems Design

“Nick has an ability to open your eyes to new and exciting things, with a natural ability to make you think, question and learn without realising that’s what he is doing. He is a kind and giving man who has a powerful way of interacting.”

Michelle Head, Psychotherapist

“Nicholas has shown the intellectual honesty to face the obvious big questions that we’ve been holding in denial … ‘Is Western Civilization viable?’ … if not, ‘What’s next?’ Surprisingly, the effect of this conversation is empowering and positive.”

Jim Rough

“It’s quite a book — really an extraordinary intellectual achievement.”

Herb Meyer, USA served during the Reagan Administration as Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence and Vice Chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council.

“Nicholas is a big picture second renaissance thinker who is also a delightful human being who cares deeply about the future of our species.”

Robin Wood, Founder and President, Renaissance2

“Nicholas Beecroft is a Renaissance man – impressively multi-talented. Whether it’s for advice on a psychatric condition, personal development, philosophy, politics, or management he is the go to man in my book.”

Peter Ford, Former British Ambassador to Syria and Bahrain

“Before I met Nick I was somewhat apprehensive and in awe of his CV. When I met him, I realized there was nothing to worry about, he gets on with people. Nick sees the big picture, the very big picture, and he makes things happen.”

Jon Twigge UK Centre for Human Emergence

“Nick brings an unusual breadth of knowledge and interest to whatever he engages with. His Future of Western Civilization is a bold, superb and open ended attempt to address the really big issues from multiple perspectives.”

Chris Parish, Managing Director, EnlightenNext

“Nick is a hugely intelligent, engaging and capable individual with a rare talent for analysis – of both people and problems. A deep thinker by nature, Nick is an unusual manifestation of academic ability fused with entrepreneurial zeal.”

Neil Doncaster, Chief Executive, Scottish Football Association

“Nicholas is the kind of leader I now deeply admire. The quality of his thinking is shown in his questions – really fundamental questions about the nature of reality.

Dr Robin Youngson, Founder, Hearts in Healthcare

“Dr Beecroft’s understanding includes not only a plethora of factual research from historical and contemporary sources, but also the ability to illuminate all of this in a way that is intelligent, entertaining and delightfully humorous.”

Fareed Haddad, Australia